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Is it Worth it to Get Leading SAFe Online Certification?

Though the Agile methods were found to be applicable on the smaller teams, most organizations nowadays actually work in collaborative teams, geographies and also on complex systems. This actually needs Agile to work across the enterprise so that it can offer benefits of a better quality product, deliveries done faster and have a fast response for the queries of customers. The problem however is that Agile transformation in different large scales is actually prone to failures because of the lack of proper processes and structure that results in Agile implementations that does not give out the expected impact.

SAFe or known as the Scaled Agile Framework is actually a complete methodology on the large Agile project teams that carries out the Agile transformations. The application process of Lean practices towards various levels in the enterprise is a main step for change. The framework likewise synchorizes alignments, collaboration and delivery on various Agile teams which will then lead to an enterprise’s success. It will also promise to give out full agility to the business and will give advanced strategies and leadership competencies which could help the organization in delivering an innovative business solution.

When you will join the SAFe Agile training, you are going to learn on some crucial concepts about the Agile methodologies, such as the following:

Learn to do Effective Scaling

Applying SAFe values on the lean-agile framework to the scale Agile and Lean framework in your enterprise.

Learn about the Basics

You will actually learn about the flow of Agile product methodologies and also learn about the Scaled Agile Framework basics. You actually would learn how you should plan on the sprint iterations on the training.

Maximize on the Value Competencies

You also are going to learn how to deploy, integrate and release value in order for you to support project planning and events for the execution of the program.

Learn about Core Competencies

You will likewise learn about the core competencies and you may even coordinate with the development of the larger solutions. The training as well as certification trains the professional to work with the team so they are able to manage more the growing work to get continuous delivery.

Many companies today are actually into the use of SAFe and it is actually clear that there’s a constant increase in the demand for Leading SAFe. If you ever have a Leading SAFe certification coming from a known accreditation body, you surely will have a bigger advantage than your peers and you also are sure to be on the edge of the Agile transformation. The training and the certification also gives you more detail with regards to SAFe.

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