Why Digital Marketing Campaigns are Essential

Digital marketing leverages social media platforms, websites, online ads, and emails to capture and convert leads into sales. A digital marketing strategy can encompass website content such as blogs, ebooks, white papers, webinars, and email newsletters. Such a strategy can also include social media conversations, social media ads, and search engine ads that drive leads back to a company’s website. The goal of any strategy is to not only gain qualified leads, but to move them through a sales funnel that eventually converts a percentage of those leads into repeat customers.

Types of Strategies

To drive business performance with digital marketing, organizations may use different campaign focuses. This can depend upon the stage of individual products, the organization itself, or various promotions. Some digital campaign strategies focus on raising awareness, building or nurturing engagement, and gaining additional leads. Building awareness aims to reach out to targeted consumers and inform them about a product, service, or organization. Engagement campaigns carry out the goal of reminding leads the product, service, or organization exists, while campaigns that focus on gaining additional leads target additional sets of ideal customers or those whose previous online behaviors have indicated interest.

When to Use

A campaign that builds awareness is ideal for organizations that are launching a new product or service. These types of campaigns also serve brand new organizations that are striving to establish a brand identity and presence. An awareness campaign can be used to spread the word about events as well. Engagement campaigns are best for organizations that already have established customers, but want to leverage those customers to gain incremental and ongoing sales. An engagement campaign can also be used to move existing leads through the sales funnel or convert them from leads into first-time customers.

Campaigns that build a company’s sales funnel are advantageous for any organization that needs to build up a business or increase market share. These campaigns and strategies rely on gaining additional leads that later turn into customers. Techniques include online conversion ads, organic online searches, and online content.

Digital marketing campaigns and strategies, regardless of type or focus, can increase a company’s financial sustainability. With the majority of consumers using the Internet as a starting point for product research, digital campaigns are seen as an essential tool in any overall marketing strategy. By employing various types of campaigns, organizations can optimize digital technology to nurture and grow promising markets.